Work package 5

Data governance network

Management of the project flow

Apart from the technical and clinical objectives of this project, it is vital that also other aspects of this project are accounted for. Janssen and Inovigate, together with all partners, will take the lead in this work package. The peripheral goals put forward in this part include:

  • Motivating engagement of investigators, participating hospitals, research partners, etc.;

  • Coordinating communication between partners;

  • Reaching out to external stakeholders;

  • Governing legal and ethical requirements of the project;

  • Managing data ownership and consent;

  • Monitoring potential novel applications of insights generated in the project;

  • Checking opportunities for patent application and managing intellectual property rights.

Taken together, it is our aim to create a sustainable project environment, where results can be exploited in future research and development projects in other disease areas and participating medical centers.

Active partners